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2. Create Model Inference

ONNX is used in the core of Modelify. All framework models are converted to ONNX format. Modelify provides Model Infrence class to do that. There are 3 required parameters;

  • model: your model object
  • framework: the framework name (check out here)
  • inputs: inputs structure ( check out here)

Modelify has its own input structure and you need to create the inputs with this structure. Basically, it is expected column-based inputs as a sequence if your model input is a data frame. However, Modelify has a helper function that can generate an model schema from pandas dataframe. To get more information, check out the input structures here.

from modelify import ModelInference
from modelify.helpers import create_schema

model_input = create_schema(X_train)
inference = ModelInference(model=model, framework="LIGHTGBM", inputs=model_input)