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What is Modelify ?

Modelify empowers data scientists and ml practitioners by providing a SaaS MLOps platform that turns AI models into serverless services in less than a minute. You can quickly deploy your models into production and manage them via Modelify Cloud platform.

Modelify Cloud provides serverless solution, and covers most of the common features needed in machine learning projects. Modelify aims to minimize the devops and backend jobs on data scientists and machine learning practitioners.

Serve your Model as Serverless

Modelify offers serverless solution to deploy highly scalable containerized applications. The Modelify infrastructure scales up and down automatically based on traffic. Stop thinking about devops/mlops, you just focus on your model.


With per-request pricing, you may start for free and just pay for what you use. Forget about your high-priced server/instance and tools. Modelify only bills you for the resources you utilise on prediction. See pricing page for details.

Who can use Modelify ?

  • Machine Learning Practitioners / Teams
  • Data Scientists

How to Use ?


  • Python 3.7 or above (which can be checked by running "python3 --version")


The following sections provides guide to install Modelify in supported languages. Currently, we only support in Python.


To install the Modelify library for Python, run the following command:

pip install modelify

After installation, you will be able to import the library.

import modelify